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  • Cat bowl: Cat bowls can be filled with both dry and wet food and can also be used as a drinking bowl. An additional base for the bowls is recommended, as it can be wiped off quickly and easily if something is missed while eating.

  • Cat food: Healthy and rich cat food is important to provide the wild four-legged friend with sufficient energy. Outdoor cats usually need more energy than indoor cats, which cat owners should take into account when feeding them.

  • Cat snacks: Cat snacks are a popular aid for familiarising and training cats. Available in a practical resealable bag, the healthy snacks can be easily portioned and transported.

  • Cat grass: A pot of cat grass promotes the digestion of the four-legged friends and also looks pretty.

  • Cat bed: Cuddly and easy-to-clean cat beds have proven themselves for sleeping, as they provide security and safety thanks to their soft and partly high side walls. Cat beds are available in different shapes and sizes as well as in extravagant designs, so there is something for everyone in the HUNTER range.

  • Cat cave: Cat caves are perfect as a place of retreat, as the cats can crawl into them and are protected all around. Some caves are equipped with useful extras, such as reversible cushions or attached toys - so they are equally suitable for playing and sleeping.

  • Cat toys: Balls, cat teasers, small soft toys or special cat toys with catnip will delight the playful cats. Here you can test to your heart's content which games and toys the cuddly house cat takes to its heart. Special scratching toys also have the pleasant side effect that the cats trim their claws on them. Enough exercise prevents upholstered furniture and wallpaper from having to serve as a substitute.

  • Scratching tree: Scratching trees require some space, but offer climbing opportunities as well as retreat and scratching possibilities.

  • Cat transport box: Cat transport boxes or cat bags are the first choice when the animal needs to be transported safely. Soft bags with comfortable and easy-to-clean padding, individually adjustable straps and useful extras such as carabiners for hooking in the cat harness or easy-to-clean pads meet the needs of both animal and human in the best possible way.

  • Cat harness: Cat harnesses, depending on the design consisting of straps around the chest, shoulder and neck as well as a cat leash, are particularly useful for familiarising kittens or when moving house, in order to get the animal used to the new environment.

  • Cat collars: Soft cat collars in modern designs with safety fasteners ensure that the popular pets are recognisable as such even when roaming the neighbourhood. A small bell on the collar also makes the cats audible.

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