Cat bowls

Cat bowls

Our cats would do almost anything for their food. That's why you'll find the right water bowls and feeding bowls for your cat in our shop - they make the cat food taste so much better.

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Cat bowls

Healthy food, which they can eat at a quiet, hygienic feeding place, is essential for the well-being of their cats. Many cat owners choose a spot in the kitchen or a raised feeding area. Suitable cat bowls for drinking and eating are part of the basic equipment of cat accessories and should therefore be carefully selected. 

What are the different types of cat bowls?

Cat bowls come in a variety of different designs.

  • Conventional bowl: Cat bowls come in different varieties. Some serve more as a food bowl, others as a water bowl; there are large or small cat bowls, stainless steel bowls, ceramic bowls as well as silicone bowls, in different colours, shapes and sizes. If you are not very demanding, you will find the right bowl for your pet under normal bowls.

  • Bowl set / double bowl: A double bowl or bowl set consisting of two bowls makes it possible to serve water and cat food at the same time. If you have several cats at home, each cat should have its own double bowl. 

  • Feeding stations: Feeding stations or feeding bars are sets of at least two cat bowls, but you can often find 3-cat bowls or holders that can even hold four cat bowls. If the feeding stations are large enough, several cats can be fed at the same time. For individual animals, they offer the advantage that - similar to the double bowl - several types of cat food can be offered at the same time, e.g. water, dry food and wet food. Several bowls arranged on a cat bowl base can also serve as a feeding station.

  • Bowls with lids: Cat bowls with lids are useful if you want to store leftover wet food from the can. The cat bowls come with a lid, which prevents odours and keeps the food fresh and ensures that it does not dry out. 

  • Anti Sling Bowl: Some cats are very greedy eaters and struggle with digestive problems and stomach aches after a meal. To prevent this, there are special Anti Schling bowls, through which the cat eats its food more slowly, as it can only playfully convey the food to the palate via various coils. 

  • Cat bowls with base: Some food bowls are available as a set - cat bowl and base, coordinated with each other. They are often cheaper in price instead of buying both products separately. Some cat bowls also have an integrated silicone rim.

Buying a cat bowl: What should you look out for?

When choosing the right cat bowl, there are some important criteria to consider:

  • Hygiene: Cats are very clean animals, so a clean food bowl is essential so that the cuddly tiger does not spurn its meals and remains in good health. For this reason, it makes sense to use easy-to-clean bowls from which food residues can be completely removed. Many cat bowls can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Material: Hygiene is also the be-all and end-all when it comes to the material of the bowl. Easy-to-clean and robust materials such as metal, e.g. stainless steel, ceramic, silicone, melamine or other plastics are recommended. Cat bowls made of wood, for example, are more difficult to clean. Porcelain alternatives are often less robust and therefore not as durable.

  • Non-slip: It makes sense if the bowl is equipped with a non-slip rubber coating under the base, for example in the form of nubs, attachments or a rubber ring. This keeps the bowl, water and food where they belong and makes it easier for the cat to eat.

  • Suitable size: The diameter of the bowl should be appropriate for the size of the cat. Cats with flat muzzles, for example, need a shallow bowl with a diameter large enough for them to drink and eat adequately. For practical reasons, the volume of the food bowl should also be large enough to cover one meal. 

  • Shape: Many cats prefer flat ergonomic bowls without a high rim. This is because the sensitive whiskers often rest on the rim of high bowls in a disturbing way. Some cat bowls are also ergonomically shaped for cat owners: many bowls also have a recess on the side for the hand so that the bowl is easy to grasp. The bowls for the food are also raised in some cat bowls, which some velvet paws find particularly comfortable for feeding.
  • Quality: If you invest in long-lasting quality products, you not only protect the environment because you avoid having to dispose of faulty purchases, but also your wallet. HUNTER cat bowls, for example, are made exclusively from high-quality materials and are valued for their ideal combination of function and design. 

  • Available additional products: There are useful additional products for some bowls that offer added value. Matching lids are particularly practical if some wet food is left over: Thanks to the cover, the bowl and its contents can simply be put in the fridge and the leftovers of the meal can be conveniently served again later. Cat bowls with replaceable, dishwasher-safe stainless steel bowl inserts are useful to avoid always having to rinse the entire bowl and to have clean bowls on hand for feeding several meals a day.

Which material are HUNTER cat bowls made of?

The HUNTER cat bowls are all made of easy-care and robust materials: stainless steel, silicone and melamine are shock and scratch resistant and also dishwasher safe and therefore particularly easy to clean. Ceramic is also scratch-resistant and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Stainless steel does not rust and is particularly light. Another decisive advantage: no cracks can develop in which impurities can collect and bacteria can be deposited. Silicone is a very flexible material, naturally non-slip and washable. The melamine used to manufacture some HUNTER cat bowls also offers a wealth of design options.

In addition, all HUNTER bowls are equipped with rubberised tops, rims or silicone surrounds and are therefore slip-resistant. 

Which cat bowl is the right one?

The above-mentioned criteria for choosing the right cat bowl already show which cat bowl is the most suitable. The preferences of the cats and the individual criteria of the cat owner are decisive. If, for example, a new cat bowl is to be purchased that prevents the cat from gulping down its food quickly, a special anti-sling bowl for cats is a good choice. If, on the other hand, the focus is on easy cleaning combined with a sophisticated design, one of the modern bowls with a replaceable stainless steel bowl insert is more the right choice.

What is the purpose of a cat bowl base?

Bowl bases are a useful addition to the cat bowls. Anyone who has ever watched a cat eating knows how quickly something can go astray during a stormy feeding session and how far a food bowl can be pushed through the flat with the nose. The raised rim of the base ensures that the bowl stays where it should be during feeding and that no water is spread around the kitchen when drinking. In this way, the base protects sensitive floors from water and food stains. The materials of the base, such as food-grade silicone, are not only non-slip, but can also be washed off easily and quickly. The feeding area is ready for the next meal in no time.