Cat cave

Cat Cave

Cats love to hide and doze around. A cave for cats should therefore not be missing in any household. You can find cosy HUNTER cat caves at We love HUNTER in different designs.

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Cat caves 

Hiding and lurking undetected or simply relaxing - cat burrows do not only serve one purpose. As a cosy, quiet favourite place or as the best hiding place for velvet paws, cuddly dens in an appealing design are a must-have for everyone who wants to do something good for their cat.

What are the advantages of a cat cave?

The cosy cat caves are, for example, cuboids, cubes or spheres with a base that conceal a softly padded cave inside. The cats enter the cat furniture through a small opening. Cat caves are popular all-rounders that offer several advantages:

  • Safe haven during settling in: Cats that have to settle in because of a change of owner or location will find a safe retreat here that promises security and helps them to gain trust and settle in.
  • Safe retreat: Cats need regular rest periods and sufficient sleep. A protected place to lie down, where they can clean themselves undisturbed, snooze and sleep in peace, helps them to relax and contributes significantly to their health.
  • Cat cave can be used outside: As a rule, cat caves can also be used outside. If the cat cave is placed in a dry, weather-protected location, it offers outdoor cats a warm place to sleep and nap.
  • Multi-functional: While simple cat cushions, for example, primarily fulfil the function of a place to lie down, cat caves are not only a dim sleeping place and ideal hiding place, but often also serve as play equipment or scratching posts.
  • Scratching surface: Depending on the material, the cat cave offers additional scratching surface for the cat.
  • Cosy hiding place: Hiding is high on the list of favourite cat activities. The cat cave perfectly meets the security needs of the attentive, curious animals thanks to the surrounding side walls. Here they can relax and withdraw undisturbed.
  • Popular travelling companion: Cats are creatures of habit. If you buy a foldable cat cave, you can definitely score points with your cat on holiday, when the favourite place goes with you on your travels. The HUNTER cat cave range offers several models that can be easily taken along thanks to their space-saving dimensions and soft, flexible materials.
  • Easy to care for: Especially cat burrows made of textile, as offered by HUNTER, are very easy to care for.
  • Space-saving: Soft cat burrows are flexible and can be placed almost anywhere. In addition, the textile all-rounders can be quickly stowed away when the space is needed elsewhere.

Buying a cat cave: What does it depend on?

Anyone who wants to buy a cat cave should weigh up the purchase criteria beforehand and check which product is most likely to meet individual requirements:

  • Cuddle factor: The most important thing is that the cave is sufficiently soft and cuddly. A puffy filling of the cushions as well as soft cave walls and flexible material are crucial here.
  • Easy to clean: Cats change their coat twice a year, in summer and winter. The cat hair also collects in the cat cave. If the hair can be easily brushed out or if the favourite place can even be washed, the cat owner will also enjoy the cave.
  • Suitable size: The optimal size of the cat cave depends on the size of the animal. On the other hand, the size should depend on the purpose of the cat cave: For example, if it is to serve more as a travel bed, a smaller model is recommended.
  • Material: Cat caves are available in different materials - wood, felt, rattan or willow, water hyacinth, sisal, plastic or textile fabric. The material should not only correspond to your own taste, but above all be easy to care for and robust, so that the cat cave can become a long-term companion.
  • Workmanship: Especially if the cuddly cave is also intended as a toy, it must be robust enough to withstand stormy hours of romping without damage.
  • Extras: If you expect more than just a cuddly place, you should choose a 2-in-1 cat cave with integrated toys. A dangling cat toy invites you to romp around.


Which material is used for the HUNTER cat caves?

HUNTER cat caves are made exclusively from carefully tested materials that must meet high standards. Polyester fabrics, for example, are robust and easy to clean. Polyester felt also scores with its appealing feel and modern look. Plush elements arouse the curiosity of cats. The fillings of the cushions are extra puffy and yet dimensionally stable. 

How big should the cat cave be?

Many cats love narrow hiding places in which they have to duck and squirm in order to be able to move or nestle inside. A cat cave may therefore appear somewhat cramped. The HUNTER cat caves have a diameter of about 30 cm up to 55 cm and are therefore suitable for cats and kittens as well as for big cats. 

Which cat cave is the right one?

Which cat cave is the best for your animal roommate? This depends entirely on the purpose that the cat cave is primarily intended to fulfil. Does it primarily serve as a familiar retreat for kittens who first need to settle in, or should it serve both to entertain the cat and as a sleeping place in a small flat? For those who value coherent furnishings at home, the design of the cave may be more important. When choosing and buying the best cat cave, individual preferences and priorities are what count.