Cat snacks

Cat snacks

Not only dogs learn best by rewarding with treats. Cats also do all the exercises for their treats. No matter whether during training or simply for in between. At We love HUNTER you will find delicious HUNTER snacks for cats.

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Cat snacks

Cat snacks are especially versatile as cat treats. Healthy treats are a good choice as a reward when training the velvet paw. The popular snacks for in-between meals are available in different flavours, from fish to poultry such as chicken and duck to cheese or meat as well as beef. At best, the cat snacks consist exclusively of fish or meat and contain neither grain nor additional sugar. This makes them ideal as a dietary supplement and as a welcome change to the daily meals.

Cat snacks are available in different forms: for example as freeze-dried meat cubes, as a stick, paste or cat cream snack. As a supplement to the food, rich oil can also be mixed with the wet food. Salmon oil, for example, has a positive effect on the coat and makes it shiny and supple.

What makes HUNTER cat snacks?

Unlike many other products on the market, HUNTER cat snacks are grain-free and contain no added sugar or flavour enhancers. This is important because indoor cats in particular tend to be overweight due to lack of exercise and an excessively fatty and sugary diet. The small cubes are just the right size to be used as a tasty reward, for example for training or practising tricks. HUNTER cat treats are made from high-quality ingredients and contents, offer valuable proteins and nutrients such as vitamins. Natural catnip, for example, helps with digestion and has a calming effect on some velvet paws.

HUNTER cat snacks are available in practical resealable portion bags. This makes it easy to take out the tasty treats and they stay fresh for a long time.

When do cats get snacks?

Cat snacks are used in many ways as a varied treat:

  • For training: Cat snacks are often used as cat treats, for example by dedicated cat owners who teach their pets tricks.
  • As a reward: Cat snacks play an important role in cat training as a reward. If, for example, the cat is to be accustomed to a cat harness or a cat bag, treats are the means of choice to get the four-legged friend used to the foreign product. Also when familarisation to a new home or during the first free walks, cat snacks are the optimal reward so that the cat likes to return home again.
  • As filling material for cat toys: Especially indoor cats want to be kept busy and challenged. Many a cat toy suddenly becomes an object of desire with a few hidden treats and awakens curiosity and the spirit of discovery.
  • For dental care: Special cat snacks for teeth are intended for the dental care of the velvet paws. The ingredients are specially formulated or the treats have a special shape that cleans the teeth while chewing.
  • Against hairballs: Some cat snacks are designed to stimulate digestion so that the hair ingested in the stomach does not form large hairballs and can be eliminated naturally.
  • To promote the relationship between human and animal: As a tasty garnish throughout the day, healthy cat snacks can be given now and then to strengthen the bond with your pet. However, if you want to use cat snacks primarily to spoil your pet, you should attach great importance to healthy snacks so that the "snacking" does not harm your health and lead to unpleasant consequences such as obesity.

It is important to offer the cat treats in good doses and only on certain occasions or every now and then. The four-legged friends should not regard them as a main meal or a safe feeding. This is because the nutritious treats in different flavours contain additional calories, which are unfavourable for some cats and should therefore be fed with caution. It is also recommended to consider the age of the cats when choosing the right cat treats, because seniors, for example, have different nutritional needs than kittens.

Buy cat snacks online

In our online shop we offer a balanced range of different varieties of rich and healthy cat snacks and cat treats. The resealable bag is easy to take suitable portions, whether as a tasty treat to indulge in between meals or used tactically to elicit a desired action from your cat. Different varieties offer variety in the diet and provide motivation in education and play.