Care & Hygiene Products

Care & Hygiene Products

The dog products you can buy at We love HUNTER also include products for dog care and hygiene. Choose from products for coat care, paw care, claw care and dental care for your dog.

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Dog care: How to make your pet feel good

To make your dog feel good, he not only needs a balanced diet, enough exercise and attention, but also the right dog care products. Instead of going to the dog salon, offer your pet a regular comprehensive pampering program with the right dog care products at home.

What belongs to the dog care?

Dog grooming includes several areas:

  • Dental care

  • Paw care

  • Claw care

  • Fur care

  • Puppy care

  • Vermin protection

  • Dog hygiene

Dental care: indispensable for healthy teeth

A strong set of teeth with healthy teeth is important for your four-legged friend. Thanks to regular dental care, you can prevent plaque and impurities that can otherwise quickly lead to tartar and painful inflammation of the gums. In the worst case, tooth loss is the result.

For dog dental care, you can use a soft toothbrush for dogs, for example. With it, you can gently massage the gums and remove deposits on the tooth. You can also offer your dog special dog snacks for dental care.

A possible sign of poor dental hygiene is bad breath. Part of a thorough dog dental care is therefore not only regular brushing, but also the regular control of the teeth at home and at the vet.

Paw care: How do I care for dog paws properly?

The sensitive dog paws require special care. Particularly in winter, when snow, ice, cold and aggressive road salt cause problems for the paws during walks, paw care should be part of the daily grooming ritual. Greasy ointment, for example, helps to protect the sensitive pads from painful cracks and drying out. Alternatively, a paw protector can be used, which is pulled over the paws. For paw care, it is also recommended to shorten too long hair on the paws, so that no dirt sticks to it.

Claw care

If the dog's claws are not trimmed enough by natural abrasion, you can shorten the claws yourself with nail scissors or nail clippers. HUNTER nail scissors are available in two sizes, for large and small dogs. Thanks to regularly trimmed claws, you can prevent injuries: Because if the claws are too long, your dog can get caught on them and they could tear.

Fur care for dogs: dog brush or dog comb?

The dog brush is undoubtedly part of the basic equipment of every dog owner. Which dog brush is the right one for your dog depends on the texture of the coat. Long and fuzzy? Short and wiry? Depending on the coat texture, you should choose either a short-haired dog brush or a long-haired dog brush when buying. Deciding on the right dog brush will be easier if you keep in mind the purpose for which you want to buy dog comb or brush. For example, ask yourself whether the brush should be suitable for removing top coat or undercoat. 

Brushing and combing: How to properly care for dog fur

For the care of the top coat we recommend dog brushes with soft bristles. They ensure an optimal distribution of natural fats in the coat and a shiny hair. Soft grooming brushes are suitable for use on sensitive, pain-sensitive dogs. They are the best dog brushes when it comes to removing dust and dander.

Wire brushes such as plucking brushes are especially good for detangling and untangling tangles, especially in long-haired dog breeds.

For a bit of wellness in dog grooming and a good blood circulation provide fur care gloves, for example, made of rubber, with which the skin and hair are gently massaged.

What dog brushes are good for:

  • to remove loose dog hair: this is not only good for your dog, but also keeps your home free of dog hair

  • as a hygienic measure to remove dirt from the fur

  • to help the dog with the change of fur

  • to prevent parasites from settling in

  • to massage the dog and promote blood circulation

Undercoat brush: How to remove undercoat

Does your dog have a very thick coat? A special undercoat brush for dogs is suitable for removing loose undercoat. A plucking brush and a rubber comb or curry comb can also be used to remove loose undercoat and dead hairs that do not come off on their own. A plucking brush is a dog brush with slightly longer metal teeth, with which you can reach the undercoat of the pet without much pressure.

A narrow-toothed HUNTER dog comb is good for grooming the fine hairs on the ears and head; a dog comb with wide teeth is good for combing the legs and tail. The length of the teeth on the dog comb or brush is also important: short-toothed brushes are best for wire-haired breeds, while breeds with a dense undercoat and woolly coat should use a dog brush with longer, rounded teeth. Fur care sprays provide shine and optimal nourishment.

Stripping knife for dogs: For optimal hygiene and dog grooming

For some breeds, regular stripping is mandatory. Practical combination products, for example a curry comb and a stripping knife, allow you to trim the coat gently. With a stripping knife you can trim your dog's coat in a targeted manner, thus preventing annoying parasites from spreading and your dog can regulate its body temperature more easily.

Dog shampoo: When only washing helps

Your dog has rolled around in the field and looks like a cloud of dust? Even though it is a well-known fact that dogs should not be bathed too often: In the case of heavy soiling and bad smells, sometimes there is no other option than to clean your dog in the bath. Dogs have a natural grease coat in their fur. Grease is secreted by the sebaceous glands to keep dirt and moisture away from the dog's skin - as a self-cleaning effect. To avoid destroying the greasy layer, you should use special dog shampoos. They were specially developed for bathing dogs and are particularly gentle on the dog's skin.

Vermin protection: Effective help against parasites

From March to October they are in high season and lurk in high meadows and deep forests: Ticks. These little pests can also transmit diseases to dogs. If you discover one in your dog's skin and want to remove the tick, you can remove it with a tick hook from We love HUNTER. With the tick hook you can get close to the skin, simply push the hook under the tick and remove it. Checking for ticks after every walk is an important part of dog care. By the way, it also serves to care for your dog's ears and eyes, because the pests particularly like to bite into the thin, well-blooded skin at the corners of the eyes and ears near the auditory canal. A flea and nit comb from HUNTER helps to get rid of fleas and nits more quickly.

Dog hygiene: Practical helpers 

Dog pants with replaceable inserts that you can comfortably put on your dog in heat ensure cleanliness and hygiene at home. Puppies can use the non-slip Puppy Pads during housetraining, practical, absorbent pads, e.g. as a base in the dog box.

What do you need for dog grooming at home? Our summary

Some dog care articles belong to the basic equipment and should not be missing in any dog's home:

  • Dog brushes, curry comb and comb depending on coat condition

  • Unfelting knife and stripping utensils depending on coat condition

  • Dental care products

  • Nail scissors

  • Paw care articles

  • Tick hook