Dogs Blankets

Cosy and practical: Find cuddly dog blankets in trendy colours and different sizes in our online shop!

Dog blankets: The versatile companions

Whether as a soft place to sleep at home or a cosy companion when out and about - dog blankets offer your pelt nose a warm, comfortable alternative to lying on hard ground and are versatile.

The advantages of HUNTER dog blankets at a glance:

✓     for at home and travelling

✓     easy to transport & space-saving

✓     padded models with quilting against the cold

✓     partly usable on both sides

✓     dirt and water repellent

✓     washable

Dog blankets for travelling

Dog blankets are the ideal alternative to a dog bed when travelling, because they are compact and easy to transport. They are rollable and foldable and can therefore be stored in a pocket or rucksack to save space. The portable dog blankets can be used on the go for your four-legged friend's rest breaks - e.g. at friends' and relatives' or at the vet. Used as a travel blanket, your dog can make himself comfortable on different surfaces - so he can lie comfortably anywhere, regardless of humidity and cold, even if it is chilly outside.

Our tip: You can also use the blanket to practice with your furry friend by teaching him to lie down calmly on his blanket in stressful situations.

HUNTER dog blankets for the car

Our HUNTER dog blankets can also be used in the car - in the transport box, on the back seat or in the boot:

  • If you equip your pet's transport box with a cosy dog blanket, he will feel more comfortable there.
  • If you transport your four-legged friend on the car seat or in the boot, you can use the dog blanket to protect the upholstery of the back seat - so you say goodbye to dog hair and dirt!
  • A special rear seat cover can be easily attached to the headrests: it reliably protects your car seats from dog hair, moisture and dirt.

Our tip: We have waterproof or water-repellent dog blankets in our range that are ideal for use in the car. This way, the blanket won't soak through even after walks in the rain. If you simply let it dry after use, you can easily brush off the dirt.

Dog blankets for the sofa

You can also use a dog blanket at home. A synthetic fleece blanket or a soft blanket made of natural cotton can be used to cuddle your furry friend, either on his sleeping place or together with you on the couch, e.g. to warm up after a walk in winter. You can also use the blanket to protect the sofa from dog hair. If your pet is allowed to go to bed with you, you can teach him to lie down only on his dog blanket to protect the covers.

Which blanket suits my dog?

Various factors play a role in choosing the right dog blanket:

  • The size of your favourite four-legged friend:

Your furry friend should fit fully stretched out on the blanket. Make sure that the blanket is bigger and wider than your dog. If the blanket is not suitable for his size, your dog may avoid it because it is not comfortable enough.

  • The intended use:

If you need a dog blanket for your pet's transport box, a small blanket is sufficient - regardless of the size of your four-legged pet. It is important that it covers the entire floor of the box so that your furry friend is as comfortable as possible. A cosy dog blanket for the back seat, sofa or bed can be larger. For on the go, you can choose a portable blanket that is adapted to the size of your pet so that he likes to rest on it. Our HUNTER dog blankets are easy to transport, fit in a bag and are therefore suitable as travel blankets.

  • Personal taste:

Once you have considered all the necessary criteria when choosing a dog blanket, you can finally choose an item that you like. Our HUNTER dog blankets are available in various colours and designs. They are robust so that they will serve you well for a long time - so we recommend that you choose a blanket that you will still like in a few years' time. 

Our tip: You can use many of our dog blankets on both sides and turn them over to the underside, which offers you either a different colour, a different material or a different function.

FAQs about dog blankets

Are the HUNTER dog blankets washable?

Our dog blankets are of course easy to clean - after all, their purpose is to keep your sofa or car as free of dog hair as possible. Most dog blankets are made of cotton or polyester and are very easy to clean: they can easily be washed at 30°C in the washing machine.

How often do you have to wash dog blankets?

How often you should clean your pet's blanket depends on whether it sheds a lot of hair or the blanket gets often dirty. To remove bad odours and bacteria from the fabric, you can wash it every other week. Our washable dog blankets are very durable due to their hard-wearing material.

Which blanket is suitable as a puppy blanket?

As a puppy blanket, we recommend a water-repellent or even waterproof model that should be as robust as possible - small, pointed puppy teeth often know no mercy.