Dog bowls

Dog Bowls

Our dogs would do almost anything for their food. That's why you'll find the right water bowls and feeding bowls for your dog in our shop - they make the dog food taste so much better. You can find out more about our dog bowls here.

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Which dog bowl should I use for my dog?

In our shop you will find numerous dog bowls in many colours, sizes, shapes and materials. So it's not far-fetched to ask which dog bowl is the right one for your pet. A dog bowl should be practical, made of easy-to-clean and hygienic material and ideally integrate harmoniously into the design of your own four walls. That's why you'll find various models at HUNTER: from elegant dog bowls to colourful bowls and bowls with a timeless design.

When buying the right bowl, pay attention to the following points:

  • Dog size

  • Bowl material

  • Bowl size

  • Eating behaviour of the dog

  • Dog bowl design

If your pet is one of those who gulps down their food in no time at all, it is better to use an slow feeding bowl. This will prevent them from gulping down their food in a hurry and support healthy digestion.

Which bowl for large dogs?

Dog bowls that are height-adjustable are particularly suitable for large dogs. This allows large breeds, older or sick dogs to eat their food in a comfortable position. The size of the bowl should be sufficient to hold enough food. This way, your large four-legged friend will be full and the food won't overflow as soon as your pet puts its snout in. Height-adjustable double bowls are practical - so you have the food and water bowls right next to each other.

Which bowl for small dogs?

With small breeds, the food portion usually gets lost in a large dog bowl. It is better to choose a bowl with a small diameter.

What material should the dog bowl be made of?

When choosing the material for the dog bowl, you should opt for an easy-care, hygienic model:

  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel dog bowls are particularly easy to clean and also very hygienic. Even when feeding the dog at high speed, the stainless steel bowls will not break thanks to their robustness. The stainless steel dog bowls by HUNTER have a silicone-coated bottom, which makes them non-slip.

  • Melamine: As we all know, the dog's eye also eats. That's why we have a large selection of melamine dog bowls in various colours and designs - you're sure to find the right model to match your interior design. Food and water bowls made of melamine impress with their durability, as they are particularly scratch-resistant and hard-wearing.

  • Plastic: Plastic dog bowls are an all-rounder in the bowl world. Whether for puppies or adult dogs, a plastic bowl is long-lasting and easy to clean.

  • Ceramic: Particularly hygienic and stable, plus good-looking.

How often should the dog bowl be cleaned?

If your dog chews, slurps and licks with pleasure every day, the food bowl will always get its share. Especially if you feed your dog wet food, you should clean the bowl daily. If the food dries out, dirt and bacteria can build up very quickly and be difficult to remove. Especially practical are bowls that are dishwasher-safe and thus very easy to clean. This way you can clean the bowl together with your dishes in the dishwasher without hesitation.

Non-slip and clean: food bowl base

To prevent the water or food bowl from slipping, or if your dog likes to spill when drinking water, you will find a large selection of food bowl bases in different designs here at We love HUNTER. This protects your floor from getting wet or from dried-on food residues that are difficult to remove. The HUNTER food bowl bases are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean.

Dog bowls for travelling

Who hasn't experienced this? You are on the road with your dog for a long time and your darling gets thirsty. But you can't see a watering hole far and wide and you don't have a bowl at hand either, because it's usually too bulky for the trip. Practical travel bowls, such as silicone dog bowls, are ideal in these situations. They are ideal for travelling and you can easily stow them in your bag or luggage.