Dog collars

Dog Collars

Are you looking for a new dog collar for your dog? Then the We love HUNTER Shop is the right place for you. You can get a HUNTER collar in many different variations, sizes and materials and also in great and current designs.

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Finding the right dog collar or dog scarf

Whether for large or small dogs: Here you will find the right collar for your dog. Are you looking for a particularly inexpensive dog collar? Or would you prefer a high-quality leather collar? With the filter option above the products, you can individually narrow down the selection of dog collars and find the right dog collar for every breed. For example, filter your search by price, material, colour or style.

What size should the HUNTER dog collar be?

Many dog owners love to choose collars in matching colours and designs for their pet. However, the most important purchase criterion for collars should be the size of the collar. After all, this is decisive for safety in road traffic and a proper leash management. But what size should the collar be?
No matter whether you are looking for a dachshund collar, a noble greyhound collar or a retriever collar: HUNTER dog collars are available for all breeds and stock sizes. To find the right dog collar, you should know your dog's neck circumference. The best way is to measure it with a flexible measuring tape. In our shop, we always indicate the collar length in cm and also the collar width, so that a perfect fit is guaranteed.  Not too tight, but not too loose either.

Leather collar for dogs: Durable and chic

We have many high-quality leather collars in our range. The HUNTER leather dog collars are particularly soft and supple and very comfortable to wear. Your dog will feel good. When it comes to choosing good leather, we make no compromises and are constantly on the lookout for new leather variants. Our selection of exquisite leather collars for dogs is particularly chic, durable and robust. For dogs who like to wallow in the mud or jump into the cool water, we also offer collars made of particularly hard-wearing leather.

Luminescent collar for walks in the dark

In addition to a classic, stylish leather collar, you can also find reflective collars or luminescent collars in our online shop for dog accessories. We recommend that you put a reflective collar on your dog when you go for walks at dusk or in the dark or when the weather is hazy. Many dog collars only reflect light but do not glow even in total darkness. The LED light collars from HUNTER are different. These light collars shine for up to four hours in flashing or continuous light thanks to the built-in LED light tube. A rechargeable battery is included. Ensure safety on dark winter days and see our light collars for yourself.

Click closure collar for all breeds

You can also use the filter function to select the type of shutter for the collar. We have a large selection of click closure collars and collars with buckles in our shop. A click closure collar can be opened and closed quickly. Your dog can hardly wait for the next walk and is quite jittery when putting on the collar? Then you are well advised to use a click closure collar. For long-haired dogs, you should make sure that the fur does not get caught in the shutter.

When to choose a pull stop collar or training collar

For dogs with a lot of fur, a pull stop collar, also called a slip collar or training collar, is often used. They are put over the dog's head and adjust to the set pull stopper when the leash is pulled. When the dog walks loosely on the lead, the collar also loosens again. In our assortment we have dressage collars made of leather and rope in different colours.

Puppy collar: Getting little dogs used to collars

What's cuter than cute little pups when they're still very small? Of course, you want to teach the little tykes a lot quickly. It's best to get your dog used to wearing a collar when he's still a puppy, for example with a HUNTER puppy collar.

Fancy dog collars with high design standards

"We love HUNTER" has a high demand on the design of the collars. You will find fancy dog collars, functional dog collars, decorative collars and dog collars for small and large dogs at low prices. Browse our wide range of dog collars and put your favourite items on your personal wish list.