Dog supplies & Accessories

Dog supplies & Accessories

At We love HUNTER you will find practical accessories for your dog, master or mistress, that make everyday life easier, such as dog waste bags or leather care products. In addition, there are practical and beautiful accessories such as key fobs, caps and much more, with which two- and four-legged can set optical highlights. Find out more about dog accessories from HUNTER.

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On the move with two dogs: coupling for leashes 

You have taken two dogs in your heart? Or do you sometimes take a friend's dog outside? Then you certainly know how difficult it is to handle two leashes at the same time. With the practical HUNTER coupling, you always have one hand free and can lead your two dogs on one leash at the same time. You can attach the lead to the dog's collar as usual, attach the lead to the ring of the lead and off you go with your two dogs.

Practical for on the go: dog waste bags and waste bag dispensers

Out of consideration for fellow human beings and the environment, every dog owner should remove the droppings of their dog. This is no problem with the waste bags and waste bag dispensers from HUNTER: Thanks to the Velcro fastener or carabiner, you can attach the waste bag dispenser flexibly to the leash or your belt loop, so you are perfectly equipped for your daily walks.

Sometimes a must: Muzzles by HUNTER

Situations can arise again and again in which you as a dog owner have to put a muzzle on your dog. Whether it's for a check-up at the vet, a ride on the bus or train, to protect against poisonous bait or because it's prescribed for your breed - no matter what your pet's temperament or upbringing is like. For these cases you will find various muzzles in our shop. The HUNTER company attaches great importance to the wearing comfort and well-being of the dog during the manufacturing process.

Pretty on the go: jewellery pendants and key fobs

Would you like to decorate yourself and your dog a little? Then you will find the right key and jewellery pendants from HUNTER. The pendants in different colours and shapes can be attached to your dog's collar to create a visual highlight. Also cute: stylish nicky scarves that you can also attach to the collar. This will make your dog a handsome eye-catcher.

But we have also thought of masters and mistresses: with high-quality key fobs from HUNTER. These match the colours of the leashes and collars in our shop. So you can see right away what a great team four- and two-legged friends are. And if you like to be on the safe side when your dog is roaming the world again, you will find practical indentification tubes made of weather-resistant aluminium or zinc in our shop. Inside there is an address card to fill in. You can easily attach the tube to your pet's collar or harness. This way you can quickly find out who the dog belongs to.

Care products for leather leashes and leather collars

In our shop you will find many products made of high-quality leather, be it leashes, collars or dog harnesses. With the right leather care, you can enjoy your product for a long time. Dubbin and leather oil protect the material from drying out, freshen up the colours and make the leather water-repellent. This is how you defy environmental influences and promote the durability of your leather items.