together for a better world!

Sustainability concerns us all!

At HUNTER, we not only focus on our own environmentally friendly projects, but are also actively involved with And the best thing is: you can do something good together with us!

For every €50 you spend, we donate a tree in your name, offset 4kg of CO2 and help to fish 2 plastic bottles out of the sea. Our aim is to promote forest conservation and offset CO2 emissions. Trees play a crucial role in absorbing CO2 and preserving biodiversity. Through your donations, we are helping to protect the forest and combat climate change.

But that's not all! We also want to protect the marine environment. Plastic pollution poses a serious threat to marine ecosystems and their inhabitants. By removing plastic bottles from the sea, we are doing our part to protect the marine environment and raise awareness of this pressing issue.

Our commitment at shows that sustainability is an absolute priority for us. With our active environmental protection measures, we want to inspire you to take sustainable steps too. Because together we can make a positive contribution to protecting our environment and shaping a more sustainable future.

Make the difference with us - support our commitment to a better world!